Founder - Antonio Corbetta

Antonio CorbettaBorn in 1932 in Brianza, same as many entrepeneurs of the area, he started working very young acquiring experience in various sectors.

He obtained a diploma as electrotechnician and immediately was employed by C.G.S., historic mother company (founded in 1896 by Eng. Camillo Olivetti) at that time the only one in Italy, dominating the measure market. He had been working there from  1950 to 1968 (year of AE2’s foundation) acquiring experience at the Test Laboratory as assistant to Eng. Pagliari (follower of Eng. Barbagelata, inventor of the homonymous measure method).

He cooperated to the development of the first instruments with lithographed scale instead of single tracing, as well as to the production of the first analogic comparators. Thanks to his knowledge and experience, he realized various test benches and special instruments for quite a number of companies and Italian schools.

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In addition to testing devices, we are also manufacturers of low voltage measuring transformers with a wide range of models. Download our catalogue in home-page.

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