Company - Why choose AE2


Our products are mostly light and easy to hand thus permitting to carry out measuring on the spot even by one single operator.


High quality of materials guarantees time durability.


Having few electronic components involved (for the Comparator only) possibility of damages is very low and in most cases they can be repaired within 48 hours. For urgent cases and for longer repairs, we can supply temporary replacement products.


Being the producer ourselves, we do not have mark ups for sales network, therefore we can offer high competitive prices.


It is possible to set up a test kit according to one’s own requirements, even using other brands existing instruments.

Continuous assistance

In case of any difficulty our technical staff can give a professional and prompt reply.

ISO Certification

Our instruments can be certified, if required, by SIT Center with whom we have been in contact for years.



Continuous development

Our Research and Development laboratory is always up date with the market requirements.

Problem solving

Given our longlasting experience in this field, we are able to give the right technical answer to your questions.


Present on the market since 1968 our company has been acquiring important collaborations, widening our tehnical level.


For any need of particular consulting or training for instructions on our products, we’ll be happy to meet you at our head quarter.

Customized products

We can supply products modified according to the customer’s request in order to allow any kind of measure.

Advanced software

The Software, realized in cooperation with an expert company, is always the most up date and can be modified according to the customer’s requirements.


From final user

AE2 is wellknown also as producer of measure transformers, this allowed us to test our instruments not only for test purpose but also for our production departments, thus facing any problem in a positive way.

Latest news from AE2

In addition to testing devices, we are also manufacturers of low voltage measuring transformers with a wide range of models. Download our catalogue in home-page.

  • Transformers Samples
  • Contaspire Digitale
  • Comparator for Transformers
  • Test for Transformers
  • LAT Certificate - ISO reported
  • Continuous support
  • Custom made

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